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The only omni-solution agency in japan

Many agencies offer only part solutions to your problems. Be it import-only or account management-only solutions. No other agency offers a complete package. At Kulbay Consulting we handle everything for you to make sure your brand has the necessary tools and support it needs to grow. Shipping, Import, Compliance, Account and Ad Set up, Optimization, Reporting. You name it, we provide it. And no, it's not too good to be true.

Long Term, Healthy, Business Relationships

There are somethings agencies are reluctant to tell their clients the truth even though it needs to be said. At Kulbay Consulting we’ve had to turn down several potential clients who, after a thorough look at their account, did not make the cut. We will only work with you if we believe in your product and vision.

Transparent Communication

We believe honest and direct communication with all our clients is the best way to build trust. We don’t sell lies, we sell results, and our clients are privy to every step of our approach. You can expect we'll give you direct feedback with your best interest in mind.

“Grow Together” Hybrid Agency Model

Most Amazon advertising options fall into two categories: the traditional agency utilizing mostly manual management or full software automation services that are either too expensive or too cheap. At Kulbay Consulting you get the best of both worlds. We take a hybrid approach, personally guiding the pieces that require human instinct and letting our tech take the automation. We offer reasonable prices for our services that focus on growing the account, your success is our success.

Expansion beyond Amazon - Double your revenue with Rakuten

Succeeding on Amazon is usually only the first step of a company’s journey in E-Commerce in Japan. Through Kulbay Consulting you will not only get the necessary help to succeed on Amazon, but also to expand your business to other marketplaces such as Rakuten which can potentially double your revenue. Shopify Expansion and integration can also be provided.

Tailored approach

We will go through the entire account from product backend keywords to product pages to current ad campaigns to figure out which is strategy will yield the best results.

Learn How To Expand into Japan

Turn Your Japanese Market Ambitions into Reality

How It Works

Step 1: initial consultation: assessment

Upon receiving your inquiry, we schedule an initial consultation to discuss your business objectives and evaluate your product portfolio. This meeting allows us to tailor a customized entry strategy for the Japanese e-commerce market. Leveraging our specialized expertise in helping 6-figure+ sellers, we will provide honest and transparent advice on how far we think your brand can go.

Step 2: Import and IoR Services

Once we've solidified your market entry strategy, our Importer of Record (IoR) services kick into gear. We'll handle all the logistics involved in importing your products into Japan. This includes ensuring compliance with local regulations, preparing the necessary documentation, and taking care of duties and taxes. Our goal is to minimize delays and streamline the import process so that you can focus on your business.

Step 3: Account Setup

While we do the importation process, we move on to setting up product pages on the appropriate platforms as well as register your brand. This involves crafting optimized product listings, which our multilingual team translates into Japanese to resonate with the local market. We also initiate your initial ad campaigns to jump-start visibility and sales.

Step 4: Monitoring, Optimization and Reporting

The final step involves ongoing account management and optimization. Using data-driven insights, we continually fine-tune your product listings and ad campaigns to maximize ROI. You'll receive regular performance reports and updates, allowing for agile adjustments to strategy as needed. Our aim is to not only achieve but sustain long-term revenue growth for your brand in Japan.


We believe in our services so much that we are willing to guarantee sales based on the targets set up during our initial consultation that we provide either your money back or offer two months of service for free if we fail to reach those targets.

Minimum commitment term: 3 months

We do not believe in working with brands short-term as building a truly successful brand is all about long-term planning and strategy. In order to see results it usually takes 3 months from getting your products into FBA warehouses. Please see our pricing section for more information

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Learn How To Expand into Japan

What our clients say

We had problems lowering our ACoS for months before Kulbay consulting came in and literally saved our account. The strategy proposed was a bold one, but we decided to put our trust with Burak and his team, and it worked wonderfully.
Transparency and honesty was promised, and delivered by Kulbay Consulting. At no point did we feel that we made the wrong decision, and thanks to Kulbay Consulting we've been able to achieve a lifetime value result of 28 million Jpy in sales with 12.72% ACoS in Ad campaigns alone.
Kulbay Consulting kept good communication and helped with big decisions. They exceeded our expectations by not only lowering our ACoS but also optimizing our product pages. Working with them for two years resulted in 26 million Jpy in sales and 18.7% ACoS.

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